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Is it expensive to go solar?

The decision to move to clean solar power energy is an investment… and a good one at that. For example, for the average home owner you might spend $10,000 out of pocket to purchase a solar power system. That system would pay for itself in 8 years. For the next 17 years, you would have FREE power… at a value of $21,000. You could say that you can triple the value of a $10,000 investment over 25 years. And best of all, it’s a secure investment.


Can I put it on my house? Is my location viable?

Whether the ideal location for solar panels is on your roof, or on your property using a rack mount, entirely depends on their locations in relation to the sun. In general, if you have good southern exposure, you are a good candidate for solar. Having said that, every home and site is unique. Simply contact us and we will perform a FREE solar site analysis to give you the details on your particular property.


How hard is it to do all the paperwork?

We do all the paperwork required for any necessary permits and inspections.  At tax time, all you have to do is notify the IRS to claim your tax credit.