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Solar Electric Systems

Design and Installation

We specialize in working closely with our individual customers — who also happen to be our neighbors — to deliver custom solutions to meet your energy needs.  We are professionally trained, licensed and insured, and we warranty our work.

Solar PV has never been less expensive! Solar module prices continue their free fall, largely driven by global market fundamentals – high installed capacity and competition from international manufacturers. Top of the line modules which were at $2.25/watt as recently as in 2010 are now closer to $0.75/watt! Consequently, total installed price for roof-mount PV is in the $3/watt range (and about a $0.50/watt more for ground/pole mount PV). What does this mean for you? Rough rule of thumb for solar PV production in the northeast: 1kW of solar (3-4 modules each roughly 3’x5′) generates 1,000kWh of electricity per year. Since modules are warranted for 25 years, over their lifetime they would produce 25,000kWh at a total upfront cost (before incentives and tax credits) of $3,000, i.e. effectively you’re paying 12 cents/kWh for your own solar electric generator, which is less than what you’re currently paying for polluting grid electricity from your utility. You ARE at grid parity even before incentives! Add in incentives and your lifetime cost of electricity is about 8 cents/kWh for clean, renewable, locally generated solar electricity! Moreover, if you finance your system, with today’s low interest rates and long terms, your monthly payments could be lower than your electricity savings with solar PV. Call us today!