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Customer Testimony

Power Guru was the only solar contractor that helped us plan for our future alternative power uses and needs: insulation, cold weather heat pump, heat pump water heater and a back up battery system. The Solar PV system that he installed has performed extremely well. 
Bhima has been instrumental in developing Community Solar here in Bennington County and continues to work for development of solar availability for low and medium income families.

Renee Byrd

Bhima is very knowledgeable about any questions you might have about solar!! Give him a call and see how he could help you save on your electric bill!

Jason Lillie

Bhima and Power Guru are great. They came in thousands less than a similar system a friend got through another company. The installers are friendly and professional. I recommend them highly!

Timothy Mitchell Scoggins

We installed our initial array in 2015, then added to it in 2016 and then again just recently. Our initial array installation eliminated our electric bill that was running about $200 a month average. We then installed the second smaller set of panels that allowed us to charge our new electric car, thus eliminating about $100 of gasoline costs per month. Soon we installed electric heat pumps for heating and cooling our home and shop, and that’s why we added the latest addition to our array, to power the heat pumps. That saved about $600 per winter in heating oil costs. So in total the array saves us over $4000 per year in purchased energy costs, and allows us to use cleaner solar energy to power our home and vehicle. Plus, during the 2016 installation, we added a battery backup system that is charged by the array and powers our house and shop whenever the electric grid is down. It is a great help so that we can provide care for our farm animals in those times when the weather is bad and the grid power is out.

Pat Miller

My wife and I had a net metering solar system installed at our home in Peru, VT. Bhima is incredibly knowledgeable, presented us with all of our options, and handled everything with Green Mountain Power! His crew was very professional and the final product looks great and operates perfectly. Phil Easton & Heidi Chua

Philip Easton

Very knowledgeable and easy to work with!

Bo Bergman

Power Guru installed our ground based 3 kw system and we liked it so much that we expanded with a second installation of 2kw on our south facing roof. Along with that we had them coordinate that installation with a solar hot water system, also on the roof. So now we happily cover all our needs with net metering and have added our daughter to our net metering group. The system has been working very well for several years now.

Solon Rhode

We had a small off-grid solar electric plant installed by the Power Guru. Nice company to work with. Bhima has the knowledge and experience to engineer exactly what you want from concept to working electric energy.

Doug Ginter

In the summer of 2015 my wife and I decided to explore solar energy possibilities. We chose Power-Guru because of their strong reputation and upon the recommendation of friends. This was to be a two house application –for our residence as well as that of an adjacent rental property. We supplied the history of usage at both locations which formed the basis of a detailed proposal. The proposal was thorough in every regard, and give us the analysis we needed to make a decision. Installation was completed that fall, in a timely and professional manner. We have now had sufficient time to compare electric generation estimates in the proposal with actual generation, and are pleased with the accuracy of their estimates.   The system has performed as promised.  We have had no technical issues requiring a call back, and are fully satisfied with both the accuracy of the proposal and with the performance of the system.  Power-Guru is a well run and professional company, and I would encourage anyone  thinking about a solar application to give them serious consideration.

Jim Horst

Power Guru did much more than simply install some solar panels. We were provided with an incredibly detailed analysis of our home’s energy use, which was used to size the system to fit our needs. It is exciting to watch my electric bill go from $250/month to having my utility company owe me money some months.

I can assure you that I’ve never been more impressed or satisfied with any company with which I’ve done business over my sixty-four years. If you are considering making the smart move to producing your own electricity, you would be well served to do business with Power Guru.

Bob Stannard, Manchester, VT