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Winter Fest with Power Guru

Please join us for Winter Fest Saturday 26th! Learn about how beneficial and how affordable solar is for you! Join us in the fun, food, and games! There will be plenty for all ages so bring your kids for the fun all around North Bennington! We will be having delicious...

Mr. Dundas Array

Richard Dundas is the new owner of this beautifully installed 8,400W system with 24 LG350 modules & 1 Fronius Primo 8.2W Inverter; and it stands on a ground mount . This project was a grid-tied, group net metered system. We thank our team for all their hard work...

Mr. Holland’s Array

This is Phil Holland’s 4.2kW solar with LG350 modules. The project was an off-grid to grid-tied conversion. It perfectly illustrates how snow sheds and melts off the solar array, as the modules warm up when operating. [Pic credit: Phil Holland]